Dear visitor,

The Corona virus has a major impact on the whole of Europe. We should not underestimate this situation, on the other hand, even under these difficult circumstances, we should try to maintain a “liveable” situation and protect all people including our employees, business partners and customers. We at Oxboard are working and we would like to inform you which measures we have taken to help limit the explosive expansion of the virus.

First; we follow at all times the guidelines of the Dutch authorities (which are in line with most of the measurements in other European countries) (

We are therefore open, fully operational and fully available. We have taken extensive measures to ensure continuity:

– Some of our employees work from home

– Employees who work in the office are physically isolated from each other (the workplaces are more than 3 meters apart)

– Employees in the office wash and disinfect their hands hourly

– The physical contacts are minimized, both business wise and private

– In case of illness no longer access to the office and home quarantine

– Physical contacts, with employees and / or business contacts, will no longer take place until further notice

We have adjusted guidelines handling the orders:

– Our warehouse may only be entered after disinfecting the hands and using protective gloves

– When picking orders from the warehouse protective gloves are worn

– When adding the packing slip / invoice and applying the GLS package sticker, the gloves are also used

– The packages are ready for collection. No physical contact takes place with the GLS couriers

Further information regarding further processing can be found on the current GLS site (