Stunning on the outside
Genius on the inside

The Oxboard with it’s stunning Dutch Design is the highest standard among the hoverboards.
It is technically superior, extremely safe and has great smooth driving experience.
Above that is it the only balance board with two-year factory warranty.

The highest standard among the hoverboards!

After the introduction of the Oxboard, many other balance boards and hoverboards made their appearance on the market. These came with large quality differences. The Oxboard has taken the existing technology of the hoverboard a few steps further in the high-tech region of Eindhoven. The result is the safest, most technologically advanced and most durable hoverboard.

Not only quality but also fun is guaranteed with the Oxboard Pro. You control the Oxboard with your feet, you can drive forwards and backwards and you can rotate 360 degrees around your axis. The Oxboard Pro has a TAO TAO motherboard and a Samsung (4.4.Ah) battery, which makes him perfect for use in combination with the hoverkart. The Oxboard Pro can reach a top speed of 15 km per hour and has a remote control with which you can operate it remotely and with which you switch easily your Oxboard from the beginners mode to the special sports mode.
The rubber bumpers offer your Oxboard PRO extra protection during use. After about 15 to 20 km, the Oxboard must be charged. This takes about 3 hours.

The Oxboard Pro comes with a 220V charger, instruction booklet and remote control.

Tested for safety and with a fantastic driving experience!

Steal the show with the tough Oxboard One -T! The hoverboard is made of sturdy material and reaches a maximum speed of 15 kilometres per hour. This Oxboard has a range of 8 to 10 kilometres and has a 2.0 Ah battery. The Oxboard One-T has a built-in battery indicator so you can track the battery performance. The Oxboard with 6.5-inch wheels uses the best available software in the field of self-balancing technology so that you can drive around safely.

The Oxboard One-T comes with a 220V charger, instruction manual and remote control.

BatterySamsung (4.4 Ah), range 15-20kmStandard/classic battery (2.0 Ah.), range 8-10 km
Sports mode
TAO TAO Software
Lighting Front and rear lighting Xenon
Bump rubbers
Battery indicator
Housing Scratch-free housing (2K) Scratch-free housing (1K)
(laptop connection, easy to use)
Wheels NK bearings
(Europeane A-quality)
CertificatesCE, MD, FCC, Rohs, UN38.3, EMC, LVD, IEC Declaration of Conformity

Both battery and charger from Oxboard PRO are TÜV-certified

CE, MD, FCC, Rohs, UN38.3, EMC, LVD, IEC Declaration of Conformity
Dutch Design
2 year warranty on battery / charger
Remote control With the corresponding remote control you can turn the Oxboard Pro on and off and activate the unique sport mode


To use your Oxboard Original as good, safe and comfortable as possible, it is important to watch the instruction videos below. We advise you to wear protective clothing such as a helmet, knee and elbow protectors for your own safety. We wish you a lot of driving pleasure!


View the answers to frequently asked questions here.

In general you are already relaxed after a few minutes on your Oxboard. After about half an hour of practice you have mastered the controls completely.

Your Oxboard works best on a flat and dry paved surface. However, it is possible to drive up to 1 cm with a little practice over irregularities. You only need to bend your knees a bit to use them as natural shock absorbers.

It takes about 3 hours for your Oxboard to be fully charged.

Legally, Oxboard is not permitted on public roads.

Your Oxboard works best on a flat and dry paved surface. However, it is also possible to use your Oxboard with a slightly damp surface. It’s advised that you don’t use your Oxboard when it rains.

Of course, we deliver a manual to the Oxboard, but you may prefer to read it before your Oxboard arrives. We have a manual in Dutch, English, German, French and Spanish.

We don’t have a showroom. However, you can visit our office in Eindhoven with an appointment.

If your Oxboard is defect outside the warranty period or if you have damaged your Oxboard yourself, you can submit a request for repair via service@oxboard.nl. We will process your e-mail within three working days and inform you as soon as possible about the further procedure. Read more about this on our service and warranty page.