A hoverboard from Oxboard: one of a kind

After the introduction of the OXBOARD lots of other balanceboards and hoverboards went on the market. With great quality differences. The OXBOARD brought the existing technology of the hoverboard a few steps further in the high tech region in Eindhoven. Oxboard is the safest and most durable balanceboard with the highest quality technology.

Oxboard is not simply a platform on two wheels

It is an ingenious combination of electronics and mechanics, in a smartly designed housing made from specially selected materials.

The E-scooter from Oxboard: a hip step forward

The E-scooter PRO is ideal when you are looking for a smart and efficient way to travel. The E-scooter Pro is ideal for transport within the city because of its efficient construction. The scooter is rainproof and easy to fold, which makes it possible to take it anywhere.

The E-step PRO achieves a maximum speed of 25 km per hour and has a range of 8 to 12 kilometers before it has to be recharged. This makes the E-scooter PRO extremely suitable for short distances from, for example, the station to school or your work. The E-scooter PRO can be used both electric and normal (with the feet steppes). The top has a non-slip layer. This provides extra control and grip. The minimum age for the E-scooter PRO is 12 years.

The super kart from Oxboard: agile and comfortable

With the Oxboard Kart you can convert your own Oxboard Original into a real kart! Easy to control by means of the handles with which you give ‘gas’ and of course can also brake. Quickly put together and racing.

The Oxboard Kart can easily be attached to your Oxboard hoverboard. Because of the adjustable frame, the Oxboard Kart is suitable for young and old.

Note: wear sufficient protection and do not take the public road with the Oxboard Kart!


Oxboard is a Dutch company based in the Tech region of the Netherlands; Eindhoven.
We develop high tech, fully certified and certainly great e-mobility products;
for adults but certainly also for teenagers and children.
The Oxboard was introduced in Europe in 2015, with the well-known overwhelming success.
Over the years, our product has continued to perfect and is now without a doubt the standard of all hoverboards!
In addition, we are introducing a number of new products this year.
These new developments will also create and support new trends thanks to technical perfection and all
safety certificates are also proud to receive the ‘Oxboard’ certificate.

Our Products

Oxboard Hoverboard, great e-mobility products
Oxboard Step | e-Scooter

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The Corona virus has a major impact on the whole of Europe. We should not underestimate this situation, on the other hand, even under these difficult circumstances, we should try to maintain a “liveable” situation and protect all people including our employees, business partners and customers. We at Oxboard are working and we would like to inform you which measures we have taken to help limit the explosive expansion of the virus.