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Oxboard blades: lightning fast and super agile.

The new generation Oxboard is here! You are going to steal the show with these new Oxboard Blades, turning stunts and moving is lifted to a completely different level by using the latest technology in the field of hoverboard and self-balancing technology.

You can use the Blades as a hoverboard by means of the practice bar: this is easy to master driving. Once experienced, you can take the bar out for the ultimate experience. The two Blades work separately so that the freedom of movement is optimal and they are perfect for stunts.

The Blades reach a speed of 8 kilometers per hour. In addition, they have a range of 10 kilometers with a full battery. The Blades have a built-in battery indicator so that you can easily keep in the gate if they need to be charged.

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250W Motor Power
Maximum speed 8 kilometers per hour
Maximum range 10 kilometers
Maximum carrying weight 120 kilos
Splash water resistant
Equipped with practice rod

The Blades cannot be used in combination with the hoverkart.