Stunning on the outside
Genius on the inside

The new generation of Oxboard is here!
Steal the show with these new Oxboard Blades, turning stunts and moving is lifted
to a completely different level through the latest technology in the field of
hoverboard and self-balancing technology.


Blades from Oxboard: super fast and super agile

The new generation of Oxboard is here! You can use the Blades as hoverboard by means of the practice rod: this is easy to master driving. Once experienced, you can take the bar out for the ultimate experience. The two Blades work separately from each other so that the freedom of movement is optimal and they are perfect for stunts.

The Blades reach a speed of 8 kilometres per hour. In addition, they have a range of 10 kilometres with a full battery. The Blades have a built-in battery indicator so you can keep well in the gate or they have to be charged.


  • 250W Motor Power
  • Maximum speed 8 kilometres per hour
  • Maximum range 10 kilometres
  • Maximum carrying weight 120 kilos
  • Splash water resistant
  • Equipped with a training rod
  • LED-lighting




View the answers to frequently asked questions here.

No, the Blades cannot be attached under a kart. This is only possible with an Oxboard.

The Blades are legally not permitted on public roads.

The Blades work best on a paved and dry surface. The Blades are splash-proof and can be used with a slightly damp surface. It is better not to use the Blades when it rains or to ride through puddles.

We don’t have a showroom, However, you can visit us in Eindhoven with an appointment.

If your Blades shows a defect outside the warranty period or if you have damaged your Blades yourself, you can submit a request for repair via service@oxboard.com. We will process your e-mail within three working days and inform you as soon as possible about the further procedure. Read more about this on our Returns and warranty page.

If your Blades are no longer well balanced due to a fall or prolonged use, you can reset them. First you must ensure that the Blades are horizontally above the ground. After this you press the on / off switch until the LEDS starts to flash blue. If these are blinking, press the on / off button once more so they turn off again. Now they are reset. PLEASE NOTE: you must perform this operation separately for each “Blade”.

If you have been on an Oxboard before, you will probably master driving on the Blades very quickly! Getting on and off and finding balance works exactly the same. If you have never been on an Oxboard before, it is wise to start with the practice bar, which is included as standard. With experience on an Oxboard it takes at most 10 minutes before you get the hang of it, without experience it can take a little longer.